Optimize UV LED Arrays For Efficiency and Performance

Rod optic for UV CuringTIR Optic to improve performance in UV Curing

At the 2018 RadTech UV+EB Technology Conference, we presented a case study that demonstrates a method of optimizing UV curing systems for performance—using UV transmitting molded borosilicate Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics.

The results of the case study conclude that TIR optics are more efficient at capturing stray rays of light and increasing peak irradiance than a commonly used fused quartz rod solution.

This case study will help you understand:

  • How and why UV rays miss the target surface
  • The excess wattage needed for UV LED arrays with quartz rod optics
  • The  performance difference between TIR optics and fused quartz rods

Designing more efficient UV curing systems will translate to cost savings that can increase over time. By using TIR optics, UV LED arrays can realize their fullest potential.