Colored Glass Solutions for FAA Engineering Brief 67D

The many advantages of LED lighting systems have accelerated their adoption across numerous industries. In response, regulatory agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration have issued guidance documents for their use. FAA Engineering Brief 67D provides requirements for "light sources other than incandescent and xenon for airport and obstruction lighting fixtures." 

The implementation of these requirements present a number of complications for the aerospace and obstruction lighting industry. In this webinar we will review the engineering brief and offer recommendations for compliance.

  • Overview and purpose of FAA Engineering Brief 67D (EB67D)

  • Ways to achieve the specified color requirements in your design

  • Impact of EB67D on airport runway and taxiway and obstruction lighting fixtures

  • Options for achieving the specified LED light chromaticity

  • LED light source binning


Lastly, we will cover the benefits of using glass for LED lighting fixtures:

  • Chemical and physical durability

  • Daytime recognition

  • Stable colors

  • UV protection




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