UVLED Product Guide

      Free UV LED Product Guide includes 600+ UV LEDs—making it easy to find the best option for your project. 

      Designing a UV LED device? Not sure which UV LED to choose? With hundreds of UV LED's available, it can be time consuming—and difficult—to determine the best suited option for your project.

      To make the research and selection process easier, we created a guide that includes more than 600 different UV LEDs. Don’t waste time searching dozens of websites for this information—download our comprehensive UV LED Product Guide to get access to the information you need to successfully select a UV LED for your project.

      This resource guide includes 621 different UV LEDs with information on:

      • Peak Wavelength
      • Radiant Flux
      • Forward Current
      • Forward Voltage
      • Emission Angle
      • Product Type (Chip, COB, SMD, T-Type)